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Looking for commercial flat roofing services from experienced professionals who understand your roofing needs?

If you choose the Family Roofing Company, you’d be dealing with experts specialising in roofing projects who provide dependable services, cost-effective prices, and high-quality workmanship.

With that being said, it wouldn’t be fair to mention all of this without explaining our work in detail. As a result, to help you get a better understanding of commercial flat roofing and its benefits, we’ll be covering everything related to our services. You can then decide whether hiring a local commercial roofing specialist is worth it or not. Continue reading to learn more.

Commercial Flat Roofing

A commercial flat roof is a low-slope roof, typically seen on commercial buildings, like large stores, apartment buildings, warehouses, etc. However, though they may look and feel flat, they have a half or quarter-inch slope to make sure that water doesn’t accumulate and cause damage.
With us, you can benefit from commercial flat roofing installations in numerous locations, such as Bradford, Leeds, Wakefield, and Yorkshire County. These roofs are also available in multiple systems, some of which are discussed below:
Leaky Flat Roofing

Types of Commercial Roofs

There are plenty of beneficial flat roofing systems for your commercial buildings and business. Each category of commercial roofing is discussed below in detail. Read on to decide which type of roofing system will best suit your commercial building.
Also known as single-ply roofs, a membrane is a go-to choice for builders looking for protection against peeling and weathering. It’s called single-ply because they’re efficiently designed to be applied as a single layer. However, this layer remains robust, waterproof, and flexible enough for all roofing purposes.

They can come as mainly thermoplastic or thermoset systems. Thermosets are made from synthetic rubber polymers, whereas thermoplastics consist of plastic-based materials with reinforced polymers or fibreglass. Both of these are strong, UV-resistant, and flexible. These systems can also be further divided into three types: EPDM, TPO, and PVC roofs. TPO and PVC are thermoplastic, while EPDM is a thermoset flat roofing system.
Bitumen consists of a mixture of chemical polymer and asphalt. It can be applied through several techniques at different times throughout the year, making it versatile and optimal for new installation projects. It can be attached with a torch, mopped asphalt, or adhesive sheet rolls. Bitumen is known to work great against hail, storms, fire, and wind. Since it’s all melted together with heat, you get a seamless water-tight seal to top it all off.

Choosing a Flat Roof

Several factors need to be considered before deciding on a commercial roofing system that works for you. This could include accounting for the cost of materials, maintenance, location, energy efficiency, and convenience.
For example, if you’re building a commercial roof having efficient energy performance, you’d need to utilise lighter colours like white to reflect sunlight better. This would help keep the interior cooler during summer, resulting in lower electric bills.
Similarly, maintenance is something that could vary with each material. Though commercial roofing usually results in more durable systems, you’d still have to know what you’re getting into before choosing a flat roof. So, if you want a better opinion on choosing a flat roof, why not contact us? We’d guide you through all the case-specific aspects worth considering for your roof.
Flat Roof Construction
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How to Find the Best Options for Your Commercial Roofing Projects?

If you’ve exhausted all means of finding the best alternatives to commercial roofing projects, we’re here to put your mind at ease. Beside single-ply membranes, BUR, and bitumen roofs, there are a lot of other options you could consider.
To make the choice even easier on you, our professionals at the Family Roofing Company are available for consultation at any time. They can help you through any issues while clearing any misconceptions or doubts regarding your installation process. If you have a material in mind, we can discuss its pros and cons while relating its benefits to your circumstances and needs.

Commercial Roof Replacement FAQ's

If you want to consider only the best; the EPDM roof is a highly flexible and versatile option. It’s great for quick and easy installation while also being cost-effective, durable, and resilient. Yet, with that being said, it’s not worth forgetting that all this work on roofs is still dangerous. Even if a job is simple, you’d need to take proper precautions to control risk.
Metal roofs are among the few commercial roofing systems that have recently gained popularity. They offer added protective surface layers that can handle damage from prolonged exposure to environmental dangers, such as sunlight. Plus, metal would have stronger fire resistance than traditional roofing options, creating more sustainable and reliable designs.
As brushed upon prior, metal roofs are probably the most common. They’re cheap, efficient, and straightforward to install.
Out of all possible materials, EPDM offers one-of-a-kind durability. With its increased rubber thickness, the resilient material is capable of excellent tear and puncture resistance. In fact, because of its incredible durability, you could even expect materials that last decades or even a century without an immediate need for flat roof repair or replacement.

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