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Emergency Roof Repair In Leeds

3 Signs That You Need an Emergency Roof Repair

Every homeowner knows that it’s important to regularly check their roof to make sure it’s still in good condition and that there aren’t any signs of trouble. This will not only protect your home and prevent damage but also prevent you from major roof repairs or an entirely new roof if the damage isn’t detected in time. Here are 3 warning signs that you need immediate roof repair before it’s too late!
  • Cracks

Cracks are often an indication that your roof is weakening and at risk of collapse. Your flat roof is regularly exposed to the harsh UV rays of the sun which eventually cause the top coat of the roof to dry up and form cracks. 

  • Leaks

Leaks are one of the most common problems that homeowners face with flat roofs. The most common causes for a leak on a flat roof are ageing membranes, irregular maintenance, blocked gutters, and poorly installed roofing membranes. If you also notice standing water after a rainstorm, this may be an indication that there’s serious damage to your roof and it’s time to get some repair work done as soon as possible. 

  • Mould

Mould is one of the most dangerous culprits that can cause your roof to need immediate repair. If you are noticing mould and mildew in your home after heavy rainfall, then it is a sign that your roof has undergone severe leakage. Mould is notorious for eating up the structure of the roof, so don’t hesitate on emergency roof repair for this one!

rural building in need of roof repair in Leeds
Rotting planks on a roof in need of flat roof repair in Leeds

Who We Are

The Family Roofing Company is a team of professional craftsmen who have dedicated years to the roofing industry and provide exceptional roof replacements, installations and emergency repairs. We know how important it is to have a strong and well-maintained roof on your home in preventing any irrevocable damages, and that is exactly what we strive to do! Our customers agree to put their trust in us because they know their roofs are in professional hands.

What We Offer

We acknowledge that clients may not always have sufficient funds to install a brand-new flat roof. Consequently, emergency flat roof repair in Leeds is frequently the best solution in such situations. Our emergency flat roof repair services extend to all clients who are in unexpected and severe need of an immediate roofing solution, whether it’s a gutter or roof repair. It also gives our customers time to contemplate what type of roof they want in the long run, as well as time to secure the required cash to ensure that they always receive exceptional work from our side!

Is an Emergency Flat Roof Repair Always Necessary?

If you are in a situation where the roof is leaking and the flat roof repair is needed, then it is always a good idea to get it repaired as soon as possible. This can help save you money on replacements and prevent damage to your house.


However, there are some instances where an emergency flat roof repair in Leeds may not be necessary. A combination of smaller repairs and proper regulatory maintenance can help in keeping the roof protected from severe damage. 


We as professionals are aware of the exact conditions under which emergency repairs will become a necessary and ultimate option for your roof. If you contact us, our team will thoroughly check and effectively determine whether the roof needs a repair or a new replacement altogether. The reason for this is that once there is damage to your roof, it is generally too late for emergency repairs and you have no choice but to replace the entire system instead of just patching it up for now.

damaged wooden planks inside a roof in need of emergency roof repair in Leeds
Damaged building fascia where a client needed an emergency roof repair in Leeds

Why Choose Us?

It’s easy to take your roofing system for granted until something breaks or wears out and starts to leak, and suddenly you have a huge problem on your hands that needs to be addressed quickly. In this type of situation, it can be tempting to roll up your sleeves and try to fix the issue yourself. But the DIY approach is not suitable for emergency flat roof repair in Leeds, where the damage is incalculable and cannot be fixed by small repairs and mending. Under these conditions, it is always advised to refer to roofing professionals who have mastered their craft and can provide the best solution possible!
  • An Expert’s Warranty

Warranties are good for any number of reasons, but they’re particularly valuable when it comes to repairing and replacing old roofs. This is because sometimes other issues are lurking underneath what initially appears to be a superficial problem with your roof. Our expert will not only address the issue you noticed but can also check for anything else that might go wrong down the line. 

  • A Reliable Solution

We have not earned our reputation for being the best overnight; our dedicated work ethic has made us a trusted name in Leeds. Customer satisfaction is our strongest suit and we strive to make your home perfect for your family!

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