Roofing Companies In Leeds and How To Choose

When it comes to home repair, you always want what’s best for your roof. The safety and foundational integrity of your house depend on the stability of your roof. So, it’s justified to only want the highest standard. This could include choosing local and trusted roofers based on referrals, roofing insurance policies, and price. 

That said, premium roofing companies in Leeds are hard to come by. It requires a unique set of skills to build a roof that stays in optimum condition for as long as possible. So, if you’re looking to learn about the attributes of an ideal roofer, we’ll discuss just that in the following article. 

Roofers in Leeds

If you’re looking for roofing companies in Leeds, we advise checking for family-owned businesses. These brands are dependent on customer recommendations, so you have no reason to not trust their quality. These companies have confidence in their features, often providing only the best-written reviews from clients. 

The following are details on similar notable attributes to look for in roofing companies in Leeds: 


Roofing jobs are a risky business. One slip-up from the wrong roofer could result in the collapse of an entire home. As a result, there’s no harm in taking time to choose a roofer that best suits your needs. 

Roofing insurance is just a fallback option if something ever goes wrong. It doesn’t even have to be just for your roof; most insurance can include whole homes, making sure you’re never left in a liable position. Plus, if an employee falls off your roof, they could end up injuring themselves and addressing the matters legally. In this case, insurance would safeguard your best interests. 

On the same note, we would like to remind you that working on roofs is a hazardous process. All work on roofs is highly dangerous, even if a job only takes a few minutes. Proper precautions are needed to control the risk. [1] 


No matter what industry, no one opts for a new or unknown company. There’s a degree of unpredictability with inexperienced workers. And, other than just the lack of reliable workmanship, fraudulent businesses also exist.  

Some fly-by-night contractors are known for disappearing to avoid paying for damages. They would then reopen months later under a new alias. In consequence, the only way to prevent victims from falling to this is to hire contractors based on a solid reputation and credibility. 


Roofing companies in Leeds can have varying price ranges. These prices change depending on numerous aspects, including labour, materials, and similar cost-affecting factors. Pricier contractors aren’t necessarily skilled; the job might just cost a lot more than you would’ve thought. 

Plus, you need to understand that cheap service doesn’t often correlate with efficiency. This is usually because new businesses tend to offer more affordable services to advertise their business better. Consequently, choosing a lower-priced service can cause a lot more problems than you’d expect. 

A well-versed contractor at a competitive price is simply your safest bet; it’d save you a ton on possible future repairs or replacements. 

High Quality and Affordable Roofing Solutions

At the end of it all, we all want the finest service for our roofs. Though this may entail a higher price, it would save you tons in the long run. So, if you’re looking for premium roofing solutions at cost-effective pricing, why look any further? 

At the Family Roofing Company, we guarantee nothing but premier roofing solutions. Among the various roofing companies in Leeds, we stand out because of our standards for family principles. And, being a trusted local brand, we have hundreds of loyal customers who can vouch for our high standard.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us for a free quote on our one-of-a-kind services. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the biggest roofing company in the UK? 

Though we can’t vouch for the whole of the UK, the Family Roofing Company is definitely among the more favourable options from roofing companies in Leeds. We offer roofing alternatives unlike any other. With our expertise in EPDM, GRP, and felt roofing, we can do it all. And, with our unmatched reputation as a local family business, you’re guaranteed to expect agreeable and comforting prices. 

How much do roofers charge the UK?

The value of repair or instalment could vary across roofing companies in Leeds. In essence, the expense could change depending on various figures, such as material, labour, or size. Hence, the typical charges could be from 15 to 30 pounds a day or 120 to 240 pounds per day.

However, some contractors may even just ask to be paid per job. In these cases, the average cost for replacing a roof of a semi-detached three-bedroomed home could be 5,000 to 7,500 pounds. Though this may seem pricey, it’s at times like these we’d like to remember Anthony Robbins: “Every problem is a gift- without problems, we would not grow.”

How many roofing companies are there in the UK?

 It’s difficult to give an exact number, as new businesses can open up all the time. As of 2021, 141 UK-based roofing contractors are officially licensed. Yet, the industry has some degree of uncertainty affecting it due to the effects of COVID-19. It’s expected to have slow growth in commercial building work, limiting the demand for new high-value roof instalments. 

How do I find a good roofer?

Put simply, good and reliable roofers are not very easy to find; this is where the Family Roofing Company comes in. Features that you could pay attention to include price, insurance policy, referrals, and understanding. 

In general, you want a roofer that has been proven to be experienced and works at affordable rates; that’s the ideal package. However, some aspects are more negotiable than others. For example, there’s no harm in immediately settling for a pricier contractor, as long as they get the work done efficiently and perfectly.


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