Flat Roofing In Leeds

Felt Roofing In Leeds

Felt roofing is usually but not always applied by a naked flame heating to a bitumen membrane to a surface depending on the flat roof requirements. It could be multiple layers but it is usually 2/3 torch on felt layers with a mineral finish to provide UV protection.

Our range is from a 10-20 year guarantee on all new roofs. There are also self adhesive felt options if these are required although this is usually if there is a fire risk.

Flat roofing in Leeds
An example of a fibreglass roof in Leeds

Fibreglass roofing in Leeds

GRP roofing in Leeds is a cold-applied roofing method that involves rolling out a GSM matting and working the correct ratio of resin into the GSM.

We then bandage the required trims for the job and then work the resin into the roof with a paddle roller. Once this is complete, we proceed to coating the roof with the required top coat to finish off the roof in the requested colour and in the range which is available.

There are also additional flat roofing methods you can add such as anti-slip finish or even adding a green roof if that is the client’s preference.

Gutters & Fascias

Whether you need a flat roof repair in Leeds or a new guttering and fascia, we undertake a lot of this particular work as timber is high maintenance needing regular painting/treating which especially on tall buildings is an inconvenience to customers.

This is why many now opt for a maintenance free UPVC alternative which not only saves time but also money!

GRP roofing in Leeds
Necessary flat roof repair in Leeds

Emergency Flat Roof Repair in Leeds

We understand that customers don’t always have funds available to install a brand new flat roof. This is why emergency flat roof repair in Leeds is often the best option. Wether its roof repair or guttering repair, both are great temporary options to avoid any further damage.

It also allows customers time to consider what type of roof they want in the long run, and also time to secure the necessary funds to ensure that they get a quality job every time.

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